Winter. Don't let it go to waste.

As cyclists, there are so many reasons to love winter. So instead of reaching for the turbo this season think, "is it really that bad out there?" No, it's not. And it rarely is.


The internet is saturated with motivational quotes, subtly edited to suit any occasion or argument. As predictable as the days getting shorter, is the annual autumn/winter Twitter circulation of snippets to nudge you out the door. Trouble is, there are so many floating around that we don't listen any more. There's no cut-through. They are too easy to ignore, like these...


(Important to say these in a gritty, No Fear voice styley, like Ray Winstone doing a voiceover in your head)


"Summer races are won in winter"
"The only person we should try to beat, is the person we were yesterday"
"It's gonna be hard, but hard does not mean impossible"
"Fit is not a destination. It's a way of life"


Any of those strike a chord? Unlikely I expect. So here's an idea; instead of dredging inspiration from a bundle of words overlaid on a photo of someone running up a sand dune or staring at a sweaty version of themselves in a mirror, try drawing your inspiration from tangible things and your own real experiences.


I'm lucky, I have two bikes. One which loves tarmac and exploring country lanes or coastal roads, and one which loves following sinuous trails to the middle of nowhere. Without a doubt, in the UK, this is the most beautiful time of year to be on a bike - a watery low sun, crunchy frozen ground, breath in the air, a confetti of orange leaves. Every view is different. Every ride is different. Getting out the front door should be the easy bit.


And like someone somewhere once said, "there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing". So we really have no excuse. And hey, if you need proof of how great riding at this time of year is, here are some photos from a recent mountain bike exploration on Dartmoor.


You can check it here on Strava too - Dartmoor Exploration






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