Understanding Etxeondo Chamois

No road cyclist wants to think about life without a seat-pad, or 'chamois' as they are more often called in cycling circles. A steadfast road ally, they protect your most sensitive area, reduce road vibration, and provide all-day ride comfort. As one of the most popular brands at Always Riding, we often get asked about Etxeondo chamois, so today we are going to take a look at the different models this Basque brand uses in their cycling bib-shorts.

Etxeondo Carbono Chamois

So called because it uses a carbon fibre blended micro-fibre fabric that reduces friction, improves moisture control and adds welcome anti-bacterial properties, the Carbono chamois is the flagship model in the Etxeondo chamois range. A high density, highly elastic multi-thickness seat-pad, the Carbono sports great shock absorption properties.

Available in: Attaque Bib Short / Denbora Bib Tight / Ordago Bib Tight

Etxeondo Urraki Chamois

Like the Carbono chamois, the Urraki is also a high-end model in the Etxeondo line-up, offering similar density, elastic and multi-thickness properties for true all-day comfort. In fact, you could think of the Urraki as a Carbono but without the carbon-fibre element, which does bring the associated cost down a touch.

Available in: Orhi Bib Short / Bikoterm Bib Tight

Etxeondo Feather Chamois

Unique within the Etxeondo chamois range because of its hand-made seams, the Feather uses a new-wave of special very high-density foams, so it is able to offer all-day ride protection in a very thin package. Featuring a double layer fabric structure to greatly assist moisture management, the Feather reveals itself to be light, quick drying and ideally suited to 4-5 hr ride sessions.

Available in: Feather Bib Short

Etxeondo Behar Chamois

Made famous by the popularity of the Dicolor, Press and Ator bib shorts it powers, the Behar chamois is simply a great, all-day comfort model that features a double-layer, double-density construction shaped to remove all pressure from the perineal region. Shock absorbing and well ventilated, the Behar, like other Etxeondo chamois, is more than able to cope with warm to hot ride conditions.

Available in: Dicolor, Ator, Press Bib Shorts & Sair 3/4 Knicker

Etxeondo Arma Chamois

It might be Etxeondo's entry-level chamois, but the Arma is no slouch, offering a double-density cushion and anatomic three-dimensional shape. Elastic on all sides thanks to E.I.T Cube fabric, its soft lining is resistant to repeated washing.

Available in: Buelta Bib Tights, Hartu Short


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