The new Giro Ash - a women's bike helmet to get excited about?

I was more than a little excited to get my mitts on the Giro Ash Helmet this morning when it landed at Always Riding HQ, a new women’s-specific bike helmet that manages to look feminine without sliding into garish pink girly territory.


Having built up a lovely winter commuting/touring bike, the lid I’d usually sport on my nippy summer carbon steed has started to look a little out of place with my new ride. I’ve looked at other commuting alternatives, but nothing seemed to be available that satisfied my need for a helmet that looked a bit road and a little bit urban at the same time. In comparison, the Giro Ash is as light as any pure road helmet I’ve tried and has a rather sleek profile. To top it all, its looks straddle the road/urban divide very nicely too!


Giro Ash Helmet Giro Ash Helmet


The addition of a built in peak is a real bonus, keeping rain out of my eyes during the inevitable downpour. Held in place by velcro, the peak is easy to remove for either a quick wash or simply to be swapped out for a different cycling cap to be worn underneath.


The three colour choices, blue, grey and gold, look classy rather than garish with not a hint of pink/purple to be seen, refreshing for a female-specific item. There is a subtle flower pattern on the straps but it’s quite an abstract design and certainly didn’t put me off.


So all in all, a versatile, attractive and stylish women's bike helmet, and now a welcome addition to my regular ride-wear.

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