Riding with Speedplay Specific Shoes

Whether revolving in the pro peloton or spinning happily amidst a well-contested club run or sportive, Speedplay pedals are a well known and much loved fixture in the road cycling scene. Yet, many riders are not aware that it is possible to buy Speedplay specific shoes; footwear designed with a sole completely compatible with the Speedplay system, offering distinct advantages over a standard installation.

A standard 3-bolt Look type sole with Speedplay cleat on the left, and a Speedplay specific sole with cleat on the right - notice the much lower stack height.

Top Benefits of a Speedplay Specific Sole

  • Weight saving - as no adaptor plate is needed, savings of up to 50g are possible, per shoe
  • Stack height - the Speedplay cleat fixes directly to the sole, saving over 8mm in cleat depth
  • Improved corner clearance - faster corner speeds are possible thanks to better ground clearance
  • A simpler setup - no adaptor means a direct to cleat connection

A great example of a built-for-Speedplay sole is in the DMT Hydra shoe, a made in Italy carbon soled road shoe, finished with 3 straps and a Boa system dial for granular fit adjustment.

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