PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket - Transcontinental Tested

Think you may have seen the PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket somewhere before? With the 2014 edition of the Transcontinental finishing just last month, it got us thinking about the Team AWOL documentary from 2013 and an early sighting of the very same Gufo worn by rider Recep Yeşil, who had only praise for this unsung hero of his mammoth ride.


PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket


Its feather light construction made it the go to option for Recep, in fact it was the only jacket he carried. On such a long ride, especially one 'as the crow flies', you are likely to experience a wide range of weather conditions. "When I was sweating yet faced wind that would quickly cool me down, it has been my number one protection," Recep told designer Hideto Suzuki when asked for feedback on the jacket.


PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket


On a long haul tour, PEdAL ED's double zipper adds in flexibility that allows the Gufo to be worn on or off the bike and with both warm, thick jersey and lightweight base layers or tees.

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