PEdAL ED - Details that make the difference

The PEdAL ED philosophy revolves around functionality and style, and in order to best achieve this, the details have to be just so. From the fabric in their Japanese Cotton Caps, or the waterproof zips that adorn the Rainfrog Jacket, these unnoticed yet essential little details can often be the reason a garment becomes a cherished favourite.

Fabric choice is where the designers at PEdAL ED start a product journey. Lightweight cotton has been used for centuries in Japanese bandannas so why not use it in a cycling cap? However, PEdAL ED are well versed in knowing when to turn to the tech, with the highly technical fabric in the soft to the skin Raku Bib Short perfectly illustrating this approach.

Although much of the PEdAL ED range functions across cycling disciplines, the weekend road rider did provide inspiration for the Kaido and Okabe jerseys. Cut comfortable rather than 'aero', both jerseys house clever features like a zip pocket on the chest, zip garages and matching arm warmers within the collection.

PEdAL ED work with the slogan, "garments designed for demanding cyclists" firmly in mind, an ideology born out of the desire to travel, ride the urban sprawl and hit the open roads using genre-hopping kit that defies a label.


PEdAL ED New Arrivals

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