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New Season Cycling Lookbooks, Noteworthy arrivals, plus explore Rider Rewards

Lookbooks, hah! We could just as easily say 'nice images that make you feel like riding'. In fact, we may even call them cookbooks on occasion, because that's exactly what our spell-check keeps trying to do. Computers know best of course, which is why whilst writing this, the office hoover-robot is trying to make the special-time with some discarded bubble wrap, and the filing cabinet is smoking a cigarette. 

Robot romance aside, this week we added some very visually top-notch lookbooks to the site, for De Marchi, Morvelo men / women, PEdALED and Chrome Ind. (whose new sling the Kadet is one of our top sellers this month).

With their more cohesive style, the lookbooks are a pretty cool way to see what a brand is up to, and get inspired for your next ride at the same time. Remember, if you do see something that you like, simply click on the image to reveal and shop the items featured in the photo. Pretty cool!

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The Rider Rewards programme is only a few days old, but already we're seeing lots of points being earned & spent, plus shares and referrals of the site, both of which can earn you points towards your balance.

It's a big system, so we made a page to explain it all. Let's break it down like a Brompton rider.

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