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Something exciting is landing at Always Riding very soon... We are all suckers for unique and exciting bikes here, so when we got wind that Ritchey had something special in the works it immediately sparked our interest. Here it is: individually numbered, Red, White and Blue fade Ritchey Road Logic Heritage Edition framesets - a bit of a mouthful to say so it is much easier to let the frame do the talking!


Being 1 in 100

The pairing of quality paint work and bikes has always had a prevalence over the years with people like Dario Pegoretti and Troy Lee painting bikes that are so stunning you would almost feel bad riding them. Other paint colours have become synonymous with specific bikes and brands such as Celeste to Bianchi and the Red, White and Blue fade to Ritchey.

In the 90s, Thomas Frischknecht began working with Ritchey and rode to a multitude of victories in both cyclocross and mountain bike disciplines. The colour of the bikes he rode was – you guessed it! – Red, White and Blue fade. Anyone who knew about Ritchey was aware of the quality of the components and with the success of Frischknecht, Ritchey was firmly set as world class components and bikes.

Ritchey Road Logic Limited Edition Number
Ritchey Road Logic Limited Edition Top Tube Fade

With such iconic paint work at their disposal, Ritchey have decided to make a limited run of 100 individually numbered Road Logic frames painted in their colours. The frame is identical to the Skyline Blue Road Logic with Ritchey Logic tubing, with space for 30mm tyres and a threaded bottom bracket. The Road Logic is already a wonderful bike to ride and fade paint work really is the icing on the cake.

We are getting one 53, two 55s, two 57s and one 59 frames delivered in mid-March (and we will update with exactly which numbers we get when they arrive). If you have any questions regarding the frames or wish to reserve one, get in touch here.




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