Landed - New Twin Six styles in Time for Spring

Minneapolis is not the first name that springs to mind when you think of bike-friendly cities, yet it's here, along with long, snow-filled winters, that Twin Six call home. However, once you do manage to clear that top layer of snow, you'll soon discover that this 'city of waters' in the central north is home to some of the USA’s best bike culture.

Art Crank, for example, put on events that showcase some of the best local bike-inspired art, taking the show from city to city. Frostbike, an annual gathering of all things cycling in the snow (think fat bikes with spiky tires and gloves bigger than your head) is growing in popularity year on year and is certainly on our cycling bucket list. Add to this some stunning backcountry scenery, a burgeoning race and club scene, and mile upon mile of urban bike paths, and it’s no wonder that Minneapolis has previously been voted the number 1 cycling city by US magazine Bicycling.


Twin Six Spring Summer


It is from this backdrop that we get Twin Six. We’ve been working with the guys for years and we're proud to say that the brand has quite the following on this side of the Atlantic. Rider-centric to the core and one of the first brands to lead with bold graphic prints that weren’t team sponsor logos, they’ve constantly put out superb designs since their first range back in ’05. This season is no different. A few tweaks on the cut sees them echo a growing trend for a little extra sleeve length on their summer jerseys, but patterns like the Aurora and Wound Up are some of the finest we've seen so far.



Twin Six Spring/Summer '16



A second drop will follow soon after with more styles - the HC and Hotwire to be precise, plus more socks and additions to the women’s collection.


Twin Six Spirng Summer


Excitingly we will also be able to offer the Metal Kit later in the spring. Until now, this has been an exclusive, only available from Twin Six direct, unless you happen to race for them that is...

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