Introducing - SKS Raceblades and Pumps

Quality lies in reliability, design and practicality and that's what SKS Raceblades and Pumps deliver in spades. Starting out in the roaring twenties in the heady and seductive world of curtain pole manufacture, this German brand decided to test their 'metal' setting their cylindrical tubes to work in bike pumps, putting SKS on the course to pump and mudguard supremacy with the now ubiquitous SKS Raceblades.

Fitting any road bike, regardless of clearance, mounts, disc brakes or stays, the SKS Raceblades keep your ride clean and your rear free of any spray marks simply by clipping on to your frame. This minimum fuss approach has made them a winter essential for many riders looking to get in the miles when the roads remain muddy.

SKS Raceblades and SKS Airboy

Now making some of the most advanced bike pumps for road and mountain bike alike, their range features solid construction and innovative designs. The Airboy a particular stand out, SKS mini-pumps are fantastic rear pocket fodder, for when that unexpected whoosh of escaping air needs to be met with a precise and powerful pump of inbound air. When afforded the luxury of a pre-ride top up, SKS have you covered with their Airmenius Floor Pump, a rather lovely modern take on the original track pump design that SKS created in the 60s - and would you look at those cork grips?!

For a brand to get you out of a bind then, SKS are a good bet, and one that we're happy to be offering to our cycling friends - anything that gets that tyre reinflated pronto/presta and the peloton back on the road!



SKS Raceblades and Pumps


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