New Hiplok - Wearable Bike Locks - Buckle Up & Bolt Off

Hello Good Citizens of the Always Riding Peloton! Today we're going to be talking about Hiplok, and you're in for a belter of a blog post.

First though, let's deal with formalities. We hope this finds you well and with razor sharp arm-band tans, accumulated, along with stories, over the course of your summer cycling sorties. We hope also that you did the homework we set you in June and followed our man all the way to the finish line in France - you did? Splendid.

So, it’s back to the city, cycle lanes, and, for the purposes of this blog post, the matter of leaving your bike locked up with chains. It’s an unglamorous subject, of course, but there’s little to be done as we sit tight and wait for the glorious dawning of the social biketopia.




With this in mind, we set about finding padlocks for your precious one, and something caught our eye, made us sit up, turned our heads, and caused all manner of involuntary movements.

Hiplok, a British company fronted by Ben Smith and John Abrahams, design and produce wearable bike locks. That’s right. Wearable. Now, you needn't fear being manacled to your rear mech, tethered to your top tube or bound to your brake hoods. In fact, Hiplok seems to specialise in simple and stylish solutions with Sold Secure guarantees.



The burden, and benefit, of any lock worth it’s salt is that it is substantial, and weighs in accordingly. The simple belt clip innovation by Hiplok though, means that weight needn't clink around your backpack on your commute, or burden your bike, but that you transport it carrying the weight efficiently on your hips.




Now, having attested for the involuntary movements made upon discovering Hiplok, we were mightily pleased that all of those movements were replicated with ease upon donning this beefy belt. So pleased we did a little dance for joy, which was clumsily conducted only on account of our clip-in shoes.

We’re still searching for a replacement carpet.

If that’s got you twitching too, then you should probably go and thumb through their range here...

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