Econsultancy call our site brilliant, and we go all gooey

Econsultancy.com is where the world's leading digital marketing & eCommerce professionals meet to learn, discuss and compare notes, and where recently Always Riding's mobile site was recognised as a 'brilliant example of responsive design in ecommerce'.

Developed over the past 2 months, our mobile site went live in December 2012, and uses a technique that is a pretty big buzz word in eCommerce circles right now called responsive design. This simply means a site that adapts to the size of the screen it is displayed on, with all of the functionality necessary to make the site operate effectively on a smaller device. So more accurately then, rather than make a new site, our mobile site is the same site, just slimmed down, restructured and device specific.

We're really pleased to receive such big-time recognition in Econsultancy, especially when the new site was developed on a super strict budget, and used only a team of two, one of which was Pete in-house at Always Riding, to get everything designed, coded and put live.

Following on from the site, we're now running through all of our email templates to make them responsive, and will continue to tweak the site, both desktop and mobile, to give you the best shopping & social experience in the cycling world, bar none. It's because we love you man.

I told myself I wouldn't cry.

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About the Rider: Peter
Co-founder of Always Riding, Pete enjoys road, trail and a good city commute. Most of all though, he loves chatting to other riders, the mid-ride stop, and a cup of tea at the end of the ride.
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