Craft & Orica GreenEDGE - Swedish cool meets Aussie humour

We probably won't be upsetting our good friends at Craft over in Gothenburg by saying that they are known to be more than a little reserved and understated. All to the good of course where bike clothing is concerned (detail, fit and comfort considerations need a steady hand!), and certainly a refreshing change in this age of 24-7 connectivity, but perhaps not an attribute that has served them well in a market that seems to get louder each year.


Craft Orica GreenEDGE wearing the team-branded Tech Rain Jacket


For this highly regarded Swedish brand, 2014 rings the changes, and along with a renewed approach to some rider favourite lines (you'll see less emphasis on Active, Performance and Elite distinctions later this year), Craft have partnered with hard charging, and undoubtedly entertaining Australian Pro Tour Team Orica GreenEDGE. That these boys know how to ride is a given, but they've also revitalised a post-Armstrong peloton with a welcome dose of good humour, sportsmanship and serious racecraft. Their Orica vs. Sky videos have had us in stitches, whilst the Backstage Pass series has given a great insight into the frenetic world of pro cycling.



The Orica boys have a two-fold Craft relationship - they wear the kit, they test the kit. From the new Tech Rain Jacket, to the much loved hot weather Superlight Base Layer and Elite Tech Bib Shorts, there's probably never been a more direct line from pro-ridden and developed apparel to your regular ride, next sportive or weekly club run.


A rider from Team Orica GreenEDGE prepares to ride, wearing the Craft Weather Jersey


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