The equivalent of a band's chart-topping, signature tune, a star product is the one that sticks in the mind and stands out as something special. No surprise then, that Craft's range of Active Extreme Base Layers are back for a second pressing, having become a longstanding byword for Craft's technical excellence and performance. With the Active Extreme 2.0 Base Layers revamped and updated, we're excited to announce that it will soon be headlining here at Always Riding.

Let's start with the brand though - what makes Craft a good choice for the tech minded cyclist? Well, firstly, geography does indeed come into play. With Swedish winters cooler than a cucumber dipped in liquid nitrogen, and the general outdoors proving a generally harsh environment, the technical levels and fabric based know how is simply superb. Equipping everyone from cross country skiers to casual joggers, Craft apparel is made to be hardy, practical, and perform in the extreme.


Craft Active Extreme 2.0 - The Spec

So, what exactly makes these base layers so advanced? Well, with a fabric weight of 100 grams per square metre, the specially fabricated CoolMax Air textile makes the Active Extreme Base Layer Range perfect for high-performance riding when breathability is as essential as your bidon. With the fibers woven in an innovative propeller shaped 'micro-channel' pattern, moisture is neatly wicked away from the body, making that hard ride all the more comfortable. With an ergonomic fit enhanced with mesh panels to offer compression without restraint, the Active Extreme 2.0 Base layer is well ventilated and, at 30 grams per square meter lighter than its predecessor, hugely adept at thermal regulation.

An unabashedly tech-driven garment, Craft have even gone out of their way to show off their latest innovations in an equally sci-fi promo video, which, you can peruse below. If however, having read the words "New Craft Base Layers" you were suddenly overcome with twitchy fingers and clicking heels, well, you can find a selection of the offerings in our specially made Craft Base Layer section as well as just below!

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