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A lunchtime ride with Cafe du Cycliste

Cafe du Cycliste bring a casual yet technical style to road and urban cycle clothing, drawing on France's undoubted cycling heritage. We thought we'd take a lunchtime spin with owners/managers/founders Andre and Remi and get them to tell us about the Cote d'Azur brand.


Cafe du Cycliste Interview


When did the idea for Cafe du Cycliste first take hold?

A perceived dullness of cycling clothing and the will to do something about it had been in the back of my mind since 2008. In the Cafe du Cycliste (an actual cafe/restaurant) the idea began to come to life after numerous pre and post ride drinks. On one winter day, while sharing a post ride hot chocolate, we made the decision to create the brand and start the adventure.

The melting pot of passionate cyclists and traditional French café crowd in Cafe du Cycliste made the need for a range of technical and elegant cycling wear obvious.


Cafe Du Cycliste


You offer distinct road and urban collections and cater for both male and female cyclists, but how in general would you best describe Cafe du Cycliste's style?

Our tailored-tech style is the result of very broad and rich style influences. We are inspired by the French clothing tradition, but also by various sports that add interesting stylistic and technical elements.


"Our style can be described as technical casual cycling elegance."


Cafe du Cycliste


What has been your best ever day on the bike?

There have been so many that none really stand out but I clearly remember the very fun ones like climbing Ventoux by night with dad or racing friends on frozen snow with mountain bikes in the Vosges mountains.


"Beautiful rides, sharing with friends and pushing your limits makes perfect days."


Cafe du Cycliste


What is the one piece of kit you couldn’t ride without?

Without doubt a good bibshort! It makes the difference between pleasure and pain.


Looking to the future, what's the one, great ride you’ve yet to do?

I believe great rides are often not the most renowned. Small empty roads can be as challenging and much nicer than famous ones that can cope with a peloton of 150 riders… I can dream of endless options around Europe.

If I had to pick, I would like to try the Flandrien cobblestones. Not sure I would enjoy it that much but it’s something that has to be tried in order to appreciate and understand more what this type of cycling/racing really is.


Cafe du Cycliste


What’s an average day like at Cafe du Cycliste HQ?

Crawling between boxes and bikes whilst talking to passionate cyclists, customers, retailers, press, manufactures, bloggers, colleagues…


"Dealing with 100 different things and realizing the day passed by in the blink of an eye."


100 km ride done - what’s your poison?

Cheese and baguette.


Cafe du Cycliste


And finally, the classic question - carbon or steel?



Cafe du Cycliste

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