When you're surrounded by some of the most heart-palpitating, fever-inducing, eye-ball poppin' products day by day, it's all too easy to lose the box-fresh frisson of excitement of that very first encounter. "Oh yeah, whatever, another titanium skewer - boring!".

Ok, we might be joking - some things we just never tire of, but lately, we've been having some fun re-imagining our products and placing them in kit layouts. If you've been following us on Instagram then you'll find them all there, but from now on we'll also be publishing them to our blog, along with dedicated links to the featured products.


We're pretty sure every rider has at some point decided to de-grease, re-thread or nipple-tweak on the kitchen table - I know I have. What your loved one always fails to see in these situations is the bigger picture. Yes, the worktop is damaged beyond repair, yes, the dog has been under sporadic ball bearing fire, and yes that-is-grease-on-the-floor-and-of-course-i'm-damn-well-going-to-clean-it-up-why-is-your-bloody-mother-coming-over-again, but look at the finished bike, ey!?

(cue bike unceremoniously falling to the floor).

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, A Beautiful Mess.


Beer credits - that rather nice looking beer in the lower left of the layout is by our friends over at Pannier. Route Beer - genius!

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