Rain, cold, wind - one is certainly worth tackling, even two perhaps; it's the layering up or pulling on of clever kit that keeps you rolling. But what do you do when you live and work in an area where the seasons threaten to squander your chances of a ride altogether? Squamish, in the south-eastern part of Canada is famous for its mountains, surrounding vistas and stunning scenery - it’s also infamous for its weather, which is perhaps why natives 7mesh have developed such renown for their bike gear.

7Mesh Fall Collection

Headed over the Atlantic this autumn are the new Strata Knicks and Tights, Outflow Jacket, MK2 Bibs, Corsa Jersey, Callaghan Hoody and Recon Short. 7Mesh’s approach is refreshing: kit that suits trail rides, tours, road riding and spending time on two wheels. With fabric tech at the fore and functionality close behind, these new Autumnal pieces are sure to become central to tackling the trio of offseason foes.

7Mesh Strata
7Mesh Strata
7Mesh Strata

The MK1 Bib, a 1st foray into road shorts that is close to perfect.

Caley Fretz, Velonews
7Mesh Outflow Jacket
7Mesh Outflow Jacket


The MK2 Bibs, paired with the Strata Tights and Knicks show 7Mesh’s awareness of seasonality and changeable weather. The intelligently placed gClip on the rear of the MK2 allows the shorts to be worn under the Strata without doubling up on bib straps. Additionally length and a couple of fit tweaks - we're waiting to see what the reviewers say now...

The Outflow Jacket is a standout piece and perhaps the best, on-bike, road-orientated, down-filled jacket out there. Ideal for cold, dry conditions, the Outflow features intelligently placed ventilation, minimal bulk and all-important packability.

7Mesh MTB Shorts

Soft-shell, wind and water resistant, the Recon Short are the go-to trail sort for inclement weather. Keeping the worst weather out, warmth in, and drying in an instant, these are one of the unsung heroes of the new 7Mesh range. Pair with a Callaghan Hoody and your'e set for a wintry day on the trails.


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