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Defeet Electronic Touch Merino Wool Dura Glove


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23,26 €
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A DeFeet classic updated. The Wool Dura Glove has now been given the electronic touch feature allowing you to keep hands warm while checking maps, weather or having a chat on your touchscreen device. A ride essential for cool starts or cold descents, these simple gloves feature in most rider’s kit drawers.

Defeet Electronic Touch Merino Wool Dura Glove

23,26 €
Consigue 20 ciclista Puntos al comprar este artículo
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In Detail
  • Merino wool fabric
  • Silicon print palm & fingers for a reassuring bar hold
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Made in the USA
  • An ideal cool weather glove, but equally at home year round
  • Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low, no chlorine bleach
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  • Rich May Reino Unido 31•12•2014
    Rich May Reino Unido 31•12•2014
    I heard a lot of good reviews about these gloves and was pleased when they came back in stock, as they seem to sell out quickly.

    After a few weeks use I can say they're comfortable, warm (down to a few degrees above freezing) and they fit well. A good balance between a lightweight and a warm glove. They also feel robust and I expect to get a good period of use out of them. Recommended.
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  • Jim Erith Reino Unido 31•12•2014
    Jim Erith Reino Unido 31•12•2014
    I don't have a smartphone, but I do have the Dura version, so although I don't need the "electronic fingers" I bagged a pair of these when the word went out that they were in stock: they sell out quickly everywhere, which says something.

    Quality is as expected and they feel lovely to wear, with a nice long cuff and the gripper works well.

    I roughly measured my hands and got a good fit. However they're not shaped and the palm is a little baggy when gripping the bars: you have to wriggle the wrinkles out of the way, but this is a minor complaint.

    Obviously they're not windproof and I've found their limit to be around one or two degrees. I'm getting a windproof shell which should mean these will do for all but the coldest rides.

    I haven't done a direct back-to-back comparison, but initial impressions are that these aren't strikingly warmer than the Dura version. These are great gloves for a good price, but if you don't need ET and are on a budget, you won't feel short-changed with the non-Merino version.
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  • Kerena Fussell Reino Unido 23•02•2015
    Edad: 37-47 Género: Female Rides: Commute
    Kerena Fussell Reino Unido 23•02•2015 Edad: 37-47
    Género: Female Rides: Commute
    I already had the regular version of these gloves and love them, so this was an upgrade to the electronic touch so that I don't have to de-glove and get cold hands if I need to stop and take a photo or make a call. These gloves definitely do the job, in all but the very coldest weather. Even when they get wet, the merino wool is a wonder and electronic touch is effective, so thumbs up all round!
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  • Andy K Reino Unido 05•02•2015
    Edad: 26-36 Género: Male Rides: All types
    Andy K Reino Unido 05•02•2015 Edad: 26-36
    Género: Male Rides: All types
    Really pleased with these gloves. They seem warmer than the regular version (also own a couple of pairs and rate them highly!) and are my go-to glove for chilly commutes and road rides and even some mountain biking at the moment.

    They aren't windproof but do retain some heat when wet. I've doubled these up with a pair of Ibex Knitty Gritty gloves or Extremities Tuff Bags for longer cold and wet rides. I've even worn them under insulated lobster gloves when hiking in the snow. They've kept my hands warm at all times and are dead easy to wash if they end up a bit gritty.
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  • Simon Hughes Reino Unido 22•01•2015
    Simon Hughes Reino Unido 22•01•2015
    Winter gloves on a bike need two things. They need to keep you warm and have somewhere to wipe your snot. These do both really really well and add the great functionality of being able to answer that irritating text mid winter ride. The touch screen capability means you avoid that stupidly choreographed move of removing your glove , dropping it, realising you have to remove the other one and then reading a text from your bank explaining that last set of carbon wheels has put you over your overdraft limit.

    I'd also wear them in the damp and drizzle. They still keep you warm.
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Defeet Electronic Touch Merino Wool Dura Glove
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